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European conferences and inter-network

The 8th European and international meetings "Heritage and Tourism" took place in Paris, the french National Assembly, Thursday, July 4, 2013.

They gathered more than 80 participants from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Hungary, Macedonia, Mali, Romanian, and French. This day allowed representatives of cities and regions involved in the protection and enhancement of heritage, partners with whom cooperation have been established (local, national and international networks, NGOs, Ministries, Mmbassies and institutes) as well as experts to meet and exchange ideas.

This day of exchange is a part of program of permanent conferences on the management of urban heritage. She gathers European, African and Indian cities and territories around reflection about the importance of cooperation to answer issues of heritage tourism development, based on expert and communities testimony.

Interventions have focused on different themes:

  • The effects of excessive tourism
  • Management of tourist flows
  • The fight against the museumification of old center
  • Customer expectations at international level on cultural tourism
  • The role of heritage in European policies and plan assets Mali
  • Tools and strategies of locals authorities

They allowed to understand that tourism constitues an important means for the promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage. Heritage tourism must also incorporate issues of tourism in general, like that promotion, attractiveness and sustainability of territories. In this context, actors should:

  • Submit advantage tourist destinations around the cultural heritage
  • Promote sustainable tourism
  • propose new discoveries topics to interest and attract tourists
  • Ensure the professionalization of tourism actors, including foreign languages, reception ...
  • Focus on the maintenance of tourist facilities: accommodation, rest areas, parking and signage
  • Ensure the promotion of cultural heritage by the publicity around the event, social and sharing networking
  • Focus on tourism management while ensuring a good match between tourist requests and available supply


This day of exchange was continued by a workshop between ANVPAH & VSSP and its partners on July 5, 2013 in Paris. This workshop permit to present the international website of the ANVAPH VSSP, which is now available in English. This workshop permit also to review the status of current projects led in the ANVPAH & VSSP partners cities. At the end of this workshop, ANVPAH & VSSP and its partners have identified new issues such as architecture of mud building, that the achievement will enrich the actions undertaken within the framework of cooperation.


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