Association Nationale des Villes et Pays d’Art et d’Histoire et des Villes à Secteur Sauvegardé et Protégé

Skopje, caravansérail aujourd’hui galerie nationale d’art Skopje, carsija (bazar) Split, depuis le port de pêche Trogir, cité médiévale Ségou, Somono, îlot restauré en 2009 Ségou, détail intérieur d’une habitation Veliko Turnovo, rue Dolen, vue du village Pondichéry, échoppes Pondichéry, façade



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In the perspective of sharing experiences and reflections, ANVPAH & VSSP encourage professional exchanges within its international network, especially with FYROM.

  • March, 2009: study tour in Paris, Angoulême, Saintes and Bayonne of the Director of Tourism of Veles and technical manager of the association of art and historical towns of Macedonia
  • July, 2007: study tour in Paris, Angouleme, Bayonne of 4 professionals of Skopje and Bitola around inventory methods
  • October, 2005: Participation of Macedonian experts and technicians to meetings "Study of building" organized by ANVPAH & VSSP in Kovachevitsa (Bulgaria)
  • April, 2005: participation of Macedonian experts and technicians to meetings "Heritage, Tourism and Territories" organized by ANVPAH & VSSP in Veliko Turnovo (Bulgaria)
  • 2005: study tour in Paris, Angouleme, Bayonne, of an architect and professor of the School of Architecture in Skopje, about the protection and enhancement of heritage
  • April, 2003: study tour of a Macedonian student around the pinhole"Sténopé" in Paris, Angouleme and Saintes
  • March, 2003: study tour of two architects of Bitola for the preparation of a program about signage in Paris, Angouleme and Saintes.
  • April, 2002: study tour of two Macedonian professionals around the signage Paris, Bourges, Angouleme and Saintes and study tour coordinator for the Macedonian
  • February, 2000: arrival in France of a Macedonian delegation (representatives of cultural structures of FYROM - directors, curators, academics ... - representatives of the Macedonian Ministry of Culture and the City of Skopje) for study about politics of art and history Cities through examples of Angoulême, Poitiers, Saintes and Tours.


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