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Skopje, caravansérail aujourd’hui galerie nationale d’art Skopje, carsija (bazar) Split, depuis le port de pêche Trogir, cité médiévale Ségou, Somono, îlot restauré en 2009 Ségou, détail intérieur d’une habitation Veliko Turnovo, rue Dolen, vue du village Pondichéry, échoppes Pondichéry, façade



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The study of history and urban development of Skopje, conducted in 2000 highlighted a dense heritage group and interest on both sides of the city, leading to a new project signage. The purpose of this signage is to offer a new perspective on the city residents.


France, in a partnership with the Ministry of culture and the City of Skopje, developed a signage project on the City of Skopje in the framework oh the agreement 2002-2004.

The objectives are multiple:

  • adopt a project of signage towards tourists but also Macedonians themselves
  • establish a Franco-Macedonian team to carry of implementation of signage materials
  • further signage from the achievements of the team work and thus maintain consistency and unity on tourism communication

The pilot committee determines the direction, programming installation, the choice of furniture. The technical committee made furniture design and content.

The whole process and choices are presented to the Board of the City of Skopje.

2002: Inauguration of the first equipment

12 panels were installed in July, 2002 along the river Vardar.

2003: master plan for signage

The realization of the master plan of the signage in 2003 takes place on the whole of the city. It was necessary to identify sites and urban routes and program phases and choice of neighborhoods, sites or course to equip and prepare texts according to these choices. Drafting texts was entrusted to Macedonian experts

2004: Inauguration of the signage in Skopje

The major axis of the city of Skopje leaving the city museum (old station) joining the old bridge and entering Carcija was equipped with plates, panels and poles in February 2004.

2009: publication of a brochure on Skopje signage

Brochure published by the City of Skopje, in partnership with Via Heritage and ANVPAH & VSSP.

This book gathers images and texts of all panels, desks and mats that provide information on the heritage city. It is translated into four languages: Macedonian, Albanian, English and French. Made from a dual perspective, this book aims to educate both residents to their city, and tourists.


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