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After numerous exchanges developed with Albanian cities, the ANVPAH and VSSP, in partnership with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Regional department of the Ministry of Culture of Albania, the Institute of the Cultural Monuments of Tirana, the Institute of the Cultural Monuments-Agency of Berat and the Embassy of France in Tirana, organized a European workshop on June 4th and 5th 2012 in Berat (Albania).

This workshop " heritage urban planning and landscape: the example of Berat " had for objective to gather during two days European experts to deal with the legislation and the management of the protected old city centers. The example of the city of Berat, classified UNESCO world heritage, was particularly studied, and put in connection with other European examples. Three main themes were approached:
- the spaces of the territory: protected natural and urban spaces and spaces of transition
- the dimension of landscape and the tools of corresponding town planning
- the raising awareness of the inhabitants to the living environment

The European Workshop gathered 80 persons, elected representatives, technicians, representatives of ministries, experts and students, as a proof of the interest carried for this issue. It was also the opportunity to gather several Mayors of Albania, who expressed their wish to set up an Association of the Albanian historic Cities. The Mayors of Berat, Elbasan, Vlorë and Shkodër and Gjirokastër were present.

The Mayor of Berat, Mr Fadil Nasufi, opened the European Workshop and insisted on the historic and artistic value of his city, as well as on the challenges connected to its management.

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Opening of the european workshop

A visit of the historic center of Berat was organized in order to discover the cultural and historic sites, as well as the national Museum of icones "Onufri". It allowed to clarify the notion of the landscape for the city, and its integration in town planning schemes. Antoine Bruguerolle (heritage architect), Frédéric Auclair (Architect of Buildings of France), Luciano Bojaxhiu (architect to the Institute of the Cultural Monuments of Albania) and Marius Qytyqu (Specialist of the programming and the development of the City of Berat) led this visit, presented their analysis of the site of Berat and proposed working tracks for his protection.

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Study visit in the city of Berat

Sandrine Daureil, presenter of the architecture and the heritage of the Region of art and history of Saint-Flour (France), and Jean-Baptiste Raffalli, Deputy-Mayor in charge of heritage of the city of Bastia (France) and Deputy chairman of the General Council of Haute-Corse, both intervened on the raising awareness of the inhabitants to the living environment.

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Sandrine Daureil (PAH Saint-Flour) et Jean-Baptiste Raffalli (VAH Bastia)

After all, the European workshop have allowed to strengthen the links between French territories and Albanian territories, a project of decentralized cooperation between the city of Bastia and the city of Berat has even been evoked.

The program of the days as well as the presentations of speakers are available in download at the bottom of page.


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